Bonito flakes dancing on my face..

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Remodel: to reconstruct, return to original, healthy state.

This was my face, from January 21 to January 30, going through the DMK Remodeling Procedure—the RP Peel! My goal with the RP Peel was to revise my melasma and to keep my skin as fresh and vibrant as possible. Although exciting, it was really very uncomfortable to watch my skin progress through this metamorphosis! I experienced extreme itchiness, heat waves, and felt hideous with flaps of peeling skin dancing around like bonito flakes on my face! But, I loved the healthy look of the new baby skin peeking through, beneath the rough, old, disintegrating surface.  

RP is not just a peel. It is a peel SYSTEM based on the DMK “Remove, Rebuild, Protect, and Maintain” philosophy. This peel system includes a 2-week prep period, home care, 2 days of the peel application, and Enzyme Therapy treatments, which I’ll talk about on another day.  RP revises the architecture of the skin, addressing the underlying condition, with the goal of returning these areas to a strong, healthy and youthful condition.

Our skin is not like an onion—you cannot peel away layer after layer to get to a smooth interior. And, just as we can’t keep digging away (exfoliating) at areas of a road without refilling the holes we create, we can’t just peel the skin and leave it at that. So, although RP delivers a rapid and intense removal of dead skin, it is only a small part of the peel system and revision process. During the entire peel process, home care, which includes DMK Revitosin and EFA supplements, is vital in ensuring a good outcome, and in protecting and supporting the new skin coming through.

“DMK Revitosin, [vitamin A cream], prepares the skin for the peel and regulates the new skin cells coming through. DMK EFA, [essential fatty acids supplements], fills the skin up with water, repairs all the cell membranes, and helps with the skin revision process. We are temporarily causing a little bit of inflammation in the skin, which kicks in the remodeling processes, but we want to make sure we’re controlling that inflammation immediately. EFAs help to control the inflammation.” — Debbie Dickson, Director of Education, DMK Australia

The most important part of the RP Peel System is the rebuilding stage, which is the role of the DMK Enzyme Therapy treatments I mentioned earlier. On days 5 and 10 of my peel process, the DMK Enzyme Therapy mask was applied to rebuild and regulate the new skin coming through and to help in the healing process. Peeling alone doesn’t revise skin back into a healthy, balanced state, you need to do the rebuilding at the same time.

This is the most unique skin peel system. Unlike any other peel, rebuilding and strengthening the new skin emerging are more important than removing the old skin we no longer need.

Just about 3 weeks after my RP Peel, my skin continues to improve, appearing brighter each day. I still need to spot treat my melasma and continue strengthening my skin with DMK Enzyme Therapy, but I am pleased with my skin journey so far!

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